Oil & Gas


Through our Presreg Valves brand, we have supplied the oil and gas sectors since 1982. The products are used on well head and underwater panels, submarines, pressure and flow controllers and we are an approved supplier to BOC Linde for a variety of gas applications including medical Oxygen systems.  Authorised to provide oxygen clean products, regulators and filters for use in the medical and particulate free environments these are mounted after the liquid Oxygen vaporiser to reduce the gas to typically 10Bar and deliver 3000 litres per minute to the main hospital circuits.

Particularly busy providing new and replacement regulators during the COVID pandemic these were used in existing and Nightingale systems. 

We developed, built and tested 2 new ventilator regulators in under three weeks  – one to provide fixed pressure drop delivery in millilitres and the other a variable hand control device – again to deliver volume to patients needs.  

Regulators, filters and other line components are supplied world-wide for use on wellhead platforms to main gas suppliers in distribution and manufacturing areas.

Other applications range from use in waste and nuclear industry, handling toxic and non-toxic fluids.

The ability to provide full material traceability and certification is vital to these market sectors.

 The development of Hydrogen product in the form of a 700 Bar Regulator and On Tank Valve are key areas of development. The 703 Series Hydrogen Regulator has achieved full Type Approval for use in vehicle applications.

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