JRE Precision

JRE Precision helps customers with engineering design, prototyping and the production of highly complex and intricate components from a wide variety of materials. We also manufacture Gas and Hydraulic Regulators plus other products – Type Approved to EC79 for 703 Series Regulators to the Hydrogen automotive market, through our Presreg Valves range.
Conformity Of Production Certification through RDW Holland.
Based in Loughborough, the company is centrally located in the UK, which is ideal to help fulfil customers’ requirements nationwide.
Offering a complete solution to precision engineering projects, including finishing, JRE Precision prides themselves on their reliable products and service, as they know what issues are important for customers.
JRE Precision serves the oil and gas, rail, automotive, medical and instrument manufacture industries. We also provide a manufacturing service to research and development facilities and universities.
Ongoing investment in new machinery, people and systems enables us to continually improve and exceed our customers’ expectations. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard we supply international customers which include JCB, Shell, Tyco, BOC – Linde, Caterpillar, Supagas (Australia) and other off shore oil and gas installations.

We provide a complete solution to precision engineering projects.


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