About us

JRE Precision is involved with providing highly accurate metal and plastic products to a number of demanding applications:

Axis arms for mobile telephone lens polishing machines are produced in stainless steel and aluminium for this exacting requirement. The lenses are on average 4.4mm in diameter and are required to have a surface geometry accurate to atomic measurements. JRE provides axis arms that position the polishing heads and hold the shafts and eccentric nuts that allow for the micro adjustment required for this exacting application.

Probe mounting arms, machine positioning tables, positioning rails and other key on line parts are produced for a client who manufactures world renowned CMM machines. These machines as well as being stand alone are commonly adapted to mass production lines producing engine and transmission products.

We provide parts used in x-ray spectroscopy, from magnetic to transport measurements under pressure. We provide components for a wide range of pressure cells (piston-cylinder, diamond anvil cells, custom designs etc), low temperature systems with integrated high pressure cells and a wide range of parts for a complementary equipment for high pressure measurement, sample preparation etc. used in universities and industry.

Additionally, we provide parts for commercial cameras and a machining service to Bell Foundry for new and replacement products including moulds, bearing housings and shafts. We also are involved in the manufacture of unique parts for vintage and antique cars, as well as replicas such as AC Cobras.

Rail industry wear parts have been provided internationally and we hold RISQS approval.

We have our own pressure regulator and associated product range for use in the oil and gas supply industry. Focusing on pressure control up to 1000 Bar inlet we provide decompression chamber regulators, filters and NRVs, as well as diving support equipment. Qualified to provide oxygen clean regulators and filters for medical applications we also supply regulators for a complete range of applications from toxic liquids and gases to hydrogen powered fuel cells for road and rail vehicle and marine applications.

This latest development is also being expanded to include the provision of multi-function manifolds for a range of vehicle mounted hydrogen storage vessels.

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