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2nd April 2020

Increasing Production of Vital Equipment for NHS with New Products also in Development


We are working with healthcare providers at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak to produce vital equipment needed for NHS hospitals.

With many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of regulators under our PRESREG brand, particularly in the healthcare sector where strict health and safety guidelines must be adhered to, we are currently working on two key products to help the NHS through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our oxygen regulators feed the main circuits in hospitals, which then feed through to the essential ventilators. The regulators are fixed to a panel, which is attached to the main oxygen supply. This allows 3,000 litres of oxygen to be delivered per minute through one regulator – on larger installations more can be added. The new hospitals could require 24 tonnes of oxygen every 7 hours. The demand for the Oxygen Regulators is usually around 100 units per year, but the current situation has called for 70 units in just 2-3 weeks, which will be used in existing and new hospitals.

We are an approved supplier to BOC, who provides quality medical gas products and services throughout the UK, and the regulators are supplied to them for inclusion on their panels.

In addition, we have been approached to produce a prototype of a unit to go into the regulator itself. The demand for ventilators has increased enormously and the successful product once tested and approved will require 30,000 units as soon as possible.

Whilst following our own social distancing procedures – we designed and prototyped a product which passed tests in just 4 days last week. We are currently working on a second prototype under the same tight timescales.

We have been overwhelmed by support from other businesses at this important time, offering additional machinery and free factory space, should it be needed.